As Summer Ends….

So as I cling onto the last days of summer and the nights slowly draw in, all is well here on Gypsie Mountain. It’s been an interesting and eventful summer which started with a trip to the beautiful island of Naxos in Greece, included a busy July working on a huge outdoor event, which took a wicked toll on me, my husband having an operation to fix an existing leg injury (which worked thankfully but left him pretty incapacitated for 6 weeks) and ended with catching up with friends and introducing their children to festivals for a day of cider (the adults, not the children!) food, fun, and outdoor live music at Victorious Festival in Southsea.Other than that there’s been wood fired pizzas in our garden, long dog walks by the river, a few pub gardens and a lot of decluttering of both the house and the mind…

It’s all been a bit up and down and I’ve been doing a lot of work on my own mental health and wellbeing,

Today I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and had a sudden realisation that for the first time in a really long time I actually like who I am, who knows how long that will last, but for now I’ll take it!

Here’s what I’ve learned so far on my journey….

Positivity really does breed positivity – It’s amazing how much negativity soaks into your mind, but equally amazing how easy it is to turn it around and how much difference a smile and a positive word will make, my positive mental attitude has generally got me far more positive responses from those around me, there are always people who will behave like arseholes no matter how positive and kind you are, but you shouldn’t take this personally, you can’t please everybody, concentrate on those who are worth it.

Healthy eating really does make a difference – I can definitely feel the difference if I miss my avocado and spinach smoothie in the morning.

Self help books are actually really useful – I used to hate the idea of them but now love them, reading what others write about how to improve your well being has really inspired me – but they are not the word of God, take want you need from them, here’s a picture of the ones I’m working though at the moment.

A good positive affirmation can change your whole day – I’ve heard a few moans about how many people post positive affirmations on social media, but I love reading them, a good mantra in the morning works wonders

A clear house means a clear mind – De-junking your work and living space is such a great way to clear the fuzz in your mind, a good clear out of things you no longer need and house cleanse always makes me feel more open and positive- add in some essential oil into your oil burner it can work wonders on the soul
It’s ok to feel sad– No one is unbreakable and sometimes we all feel like shit, that’s ok, just look after yourself on those days and remember it will pass

Count your blessings – Gratitude lists or lists of the things that make me smile are a vital part of looking after myself. I do it almost every day and it reminds me of all the reasons I am blessed and what a lovely life I actually have.

Let shit go – There are just somethings you can’t control, just let it go, move on.

Holistic therapy is a winner – There are lots of types of holistic therapy you can try, Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, EFT (or tapping) I find reiki works best to help me get clarity of mind but it was a series of sessions of EFT that set me on this path in the first place

Therapy is the best – When I was growing up I thought the idea of seeing a therapist was distinctly uncool and meant you were a complete fuck up, as an adult I love it. It’s quite difficult to find a therapist that is right for you, but when you find a match it’s magic how much it helps

I always feel like I’m really busy and struggle to find time to fit in all these things that make me feel happier, but as the Autumn draws closer and I look forward to cosy cardigans, fluffy jumpers, bonfires and Halloween costumes I’ve made a list of the next steps I want to take….

Nutrition and Wellbeing – As a lifelong eater of junk food my friends and family are amazed that I can now eat green stuff (even if I do have to blend it into a juice!) however I have very little knowledge of what food I should actually eat, so I’m about to start a short internet course on nutrition and wellbeing to improve my knowledge.

Yoga and exercise – I like to swim for exercise but haven’t been in months, in Autumn I’m going to try and get back into a regular routine of swimming and am also going to learn yoga, I’ve no experience and have no idea what to expect, but I’ve got my yoga mat and I’m ready to give it a go….

Meditation – As a drama student we did guided meditations all the time, but since leaving education I’ve let the practice slip entirely. I’ve thought a lot about it in the last few months but haven’t yet managed to fit it in, I’ve found an app for my phone called Calm and I’m going to keep going until that’s how I feel….

I’ve never been afraid of change and always loved the change in season, I think it’s a great opportunity to reinvent the wheel or take on something new, Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, I love chilly outdoor walks and all the autumnal colours and I’m looking forward to cosy nights in and to moving forward in my journey to a happy and enlightened life.

2 thoughts on “As Summer Ends….

  1. I LOVE this post. I think you’re doing brilliantly and love to hear that you’re feeling more comfortable in your own skin… I know how hard it is. And I agree with you regarding my own attitude to self-help and therapy! Now I’m an adult, it’s invaluable stuff. Anyone would think we’re gaining responsibility & control of our lives..! Onwards & upwards, I say… xxx

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