A Week of Positivity 

So here I sit at my kitchen table on a Tuesday morning before I go to work. After a dire week of misery last week and generally feeling shitty for some time, I’ve decided to attempt a whole week of intense positivity!
Day 1 was actually surprisingly easy. Starting with my spinach, avocado and mango smoothie in the morning, which was yummy, I’ve never eaten avocado but recently read somewhere it was a good food for helping to  combat depression because it contains tryptophan, folate and omega-3. This probably well known fact has escaped me until a few days ago so I thought I’d try it, so far so good.

Work was my main concern, I work in a job that should be lovely but am surrounded by negativity at work and usually soak it all up like a sponge, however I had the spinach and avacado working for me, a determination not to to get brought down and the word “unbreakable” whirling round in my mind, so I walked in with a smile and tried to say something positive to everyone I met all day. Guess what? It worked! I also decided to dejunk my life – or at least my desk, it’s amazing how throwing things away can be so good for the soul! It’s also wonderful how positivity breeds positivity, I made it through the whole day with a smile on my face and topped the day off with dinner with 2 dear and beautiful friends. I even sat in the restaurant alone with a glass of wine for 20 minutes waiting for them as I was early-that sort of thing is difficult for me so I was really chuffed that I could sit there, alone, and write my daily happy list, without feeling anxious! Yippee!

Now onto day 2, today is more challenging as The Bully is in today, but I’m determined to remember I am unbreakable and not get upset by anyone’s harsh words. So off I go, iPhone playing sweet rock n roll in my ears for day 2 of my positivity project, determind and smiling, wish me luck x

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