Happy Lists

Monday Smiles…

It’s Monday, it’s the 1st August and it’s wet grey and dull dull dull!

I’ve had a long, wet day packing down an outdoor event so I thought I’d write a list of the things keeping a smile on my face today…

  • Lush Cosmetics Fairy Dust – I’m covered head to toe in this beautiful smelling glittery dusting powder, smelling as sweet as candy and sparkling all over.
  • A new hobbie – Aromatherapy, I’m learning about mixing my own oil blends, I’ve got a starter pack of oils and a beginners guide, and can’t wait to start experimenting! Watch this space!
  • My Doggy – He’s such a cutie and he’s always there, wagging his tail waiting for cuddles when I get home, he never fails to put a smile on my face.
  • Planning a weekend getaway – Autumn glamping in Sussex I think
  • Netflix with my hubby – the best way to end a busy rainy day is snuggled with my best one with chocolate and a movie

Happy Monday y’all, only 4 more days til the weekend…..

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